Trust wins clients. Homework creates trust.

We have all been there. You reach out your hand to connect with someone and you receive a limp, clammy “wet-fish” hand to shake. No matter how polished they look or speak, your instinct is to ask – ‘can this person deliver?’

As a sales person, psychologically your wet-fish handshake tells your potential client you don’t have confidence.Which means a lack of preparation. Which means a lack of information. Which means the client doesn’t trust you. Which means you will not win the client.

Here are 3 top ways to ensure you’ve done your homework…..

  1. Are you selling to the right client who values what you do? Do your homework. Selling Ferrari’s to a family is never going to be successful. To quote Nathan Williams, Founder of Customer Return and pitch expert, “we owe it to ourselves to have a better answer to {the what can you do for me inquiry} which stumps so many of us and closes the door on too many potential sales opportunities”. 
  2. How does your marketing material emotionally connect with this potential client? If your material is generic your potential client will feel like you do not understand their needs, creating unnecessary walls for you to overcome and a costly hit to your marketing budget.
  3. Once the sales contract is signed, how clear is the path of engagement for your client and delivery teams? Lack of transparency and process dramatically increases cost of sale, reduces client confidence in your work and wastes their money. Instead of great referral channels, you will have disgruntled clients and exhausted teams.

Doing this homework will give substance to interactions with potential clients and will automatically generate trust in your ability to deliver remarkable results.

If you would like to grow your business, discuss your answers to these questions, or understand how to apply growth strategic thinking, just private message me.

As Founder of Launchpad9, all too often Claire sees clients design strategy that just doesn’t translate into the growth results they had hoped for. She helps them revamp their Go-To-Market strategy and translate this into an actionable plan which leverages their strongest offerings, attracts the most lucrative client base and delivers great value.

Claire will be presenting ‘Want more ideal clients? Get your pitch and product working for you, not against’ with Nathan Williams of Customer Return, for the Sydney CBD Chamber of Commerce in partnership with 100Mums onThursday 3rd May, 2018Click here for more details.

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